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Coldwell Banker Sells Most Expensive Home In America

Post by David Marine
Posted by Lori Arnold on July 28, 2011 in No Category
Coldwell Banker agent, Sally Forster Jones, is no stranger to selling luxury properties. With over $1 billion in sales to her name, it’s no surprise that she was involved in the sale of the most expensive home for sale in the United States, the Spelling Manor. The final sales price cannot be divulged, but the original list price for this enormous estate was $150 million. The affordability radar on coldwellbanker.com told me that it was outside of my price range, otherwise I would have made an offer. T... read more
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Housings silver lining

Posted by Jason Arnold on June 22, 2011 in No Category
 NEW YORK (CNN) -- Amid the clouds of gloom hovering over the nation's housing market there is a silver lining. Steven Liberati sees it. The 28-year old heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems salesman and his fiancé are about to purchase their first home -- a co-op apartment in White Plains, New York -- for a fraction of what they thought it would cost just a couple of years ago. "I'm always trying to take advantage of a situation. I feel like two years ago was a good time to rent,"... read more
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How to Remodel Your Kitchen

Posted by Jason Arnold on June 08, 2011 in No Category
  Every so many months I come across yet another article or report about what home improvement projects add value to a home. Almost every time the list includes upgrading or improving your kitchen as being one of the biggest things that improve your home’s value. But put the dollars aside for a moment. Not only can it increase the monetary value of a home, but it probably will increase the livability of your home as well. I come from an Italian family and whenever there’s a party at a home, the c... read more
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Home Alone House

Posted by Jason Arnold on May 16, 2011 in No Category
 At the risk of sounding like a movie nerd, I watch a LOT of movies…probably more than I care to admit without otherwise writing under an assumed name. I’m not entirely sure how many theatres I’ve been to or how many bad made for TV movies with Hulk Hogan I’ve watched at home on my couch. In a culture that produces thousands of movies that generate billions in revenue, how many do you really remember? I mean…like really remember? There doesn’t seem to be a science to it b... read more
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Irelands Ghost estates and Londons 221M fixer upper

Posted by Jason Arnold on May 02, 2011 in No Category
  A three-story penthouse in London's Knightsbridge neighborhood has been sold for about $221 million -- and it's a fixer-upper. The new owner bought the unit with bare walls and no amenities and is expected to spend up to $100 million to finish it, according to the Telegraph newspaper. A government survey in Ireland estimates that more than 2,800 "ghost estates" haunted the country at the end of 2010. The Sunday Business Post reports that "ghost estates" are developments ... read more
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